International Journal of Research in Mechanical Science and Technology <p align="justify">Rubatosis Publication has launched its scientific journal named International Journal Of Research In Mechanical Science and Technology (IJRMST) IJRMST will be published quarterly per year in January, April, July, and October. The journal publishes original research work that contributes significantly to further the scientific knowledge in&nbsp;Mechanical Science and Technology</p> en-US (The Editor) (B SYED SALMAN) Sat, 13 Apr 2019 11:48:05 +0000 OJS 60 Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Blower Outer Casing <p>The main aim of our work is to model and analyze the outer casing and fan of a centrifugal blower. The blower is modeled by taking dimensions from the model itself which is called reverse engineering process. The material used for blower is stainless steel. Analysis is done on the blower for two materials stainless steel and aluminum alloy by applying the pressure. CFD analysis is done on the casing to analyze the amount of heat transfer rate for different velocities.&nbsp; Computational fluid dynamics, usually abbreviated as CFD, is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the calculations required to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces defined by boundary conditions. Pro/Engineer is used for modeling and ANSYS is used for analysis of the blower outer casing.</p> Bhanu Pratap Pulla Copyright (c) 2019 Rubatosis Publications Sat, 13 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Computational fluid dynamics analysis of nozzle used in diesel engine <p>The main aim of the work is to design a hole type nozzle used in a diesel engine. Model of the nozzle is done in Pro/Engineer. Design of the nozzle is changed by changing the diameter of the nozzle and modelled. The flow through diesel fuel injector nozzles is important because of the effects on the spray and the atomization process. Modelling this nozzle flow is complicated by the presence of cavitation inside the nozzles. There are two main types of injector nozzle, hole and pintle. Hole-type nozzles are commonly used in direct injection engines. They can be single-hole, or multi-hole, and they operate at very high pressures, up to 200 atmospheres. They give a hard spray, which is necessary to penetrate the highly compressed air. The fuel has a high velocity and good atomization which is desirable in open combustion chamber engines. CFD analysis is done on both the design to evaluate the heat transfer rate for different velocities. Material used for nozzles is heat treated alloy steel. Modelling is done in Pro/Engineer and CFD analysis is done in ANSYS.</p> Bhanu Pratap Pulla Copyright (c) 2019 Rubatosis Publications Sat, 13 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000